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Moving on Mental Health Consultations

Below is a summary of family and youth consultation activities for the Moving on Mental Health Strategy in Hastings, Prince Edward, and Northumberland. There is a lot going on and Children’s Mental Health Services in collaboration with the Ontario Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health are depending on community partners to help make it happen!

1)      Youth Surveys

Please click links to access the ENGLISH and FRENCH paper versions of the youth survey for our area for “Moving on Mental Health – Youth Engagement Consultations”. Information gathered will be used in the development of the Core Service Delivery Plan and Community Mental Health Plan for Hastings, Prince Edward and Northumberland. The on-line versions can be accessed as follows:

Some details about the survey:

  • This survey questions were developed in collaboration with youth by the Ontario Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health. Questions have been used in communities across Ontario and modified for use in our service area.
  • This survey is intended for both youth who have used services and those who are interested in providing feedback
  • There are online versions and hardcopy versions of the survey
  • The survey will be “open” until April 30, 2017
  • By participating and providing an email address youth are eligible for a draw for one of three $50 gift cards in their county
  • The survey is intended to be confidential. The results are held by the Ontario Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health and they will provide an aggregated summary report.
  • The links and hard copies for family surveys will be provided shortly.

We are asking for your help and the help of your staff (when applicable) with the following:

  • Informing your staff about the Moving on Mental Health Consultation process so they are informed and can help engage youth and families
  • Sharing the link with youth, both those who have used community mental health services and those who have not (the survey is appropriate for both).
  • Posting and sharing the link on your social media platforms and websites if possible
  • *IF YOUR ORGANIZATION IS ABLE – If youth prefer to complete hard copies the printable version is attached. Please collect these completed and store in a sealed envelope. We will make arrangements to have these hard copies returned to CMHS at the end of April.
  • If you would like hardcopies provided please let me know and I will arrange.

2)      Family and Youth Consultations


o   So far two youth consultations have taken place (Madoc and Bancroft) and feedback from the Centre indicated they were extremely information rich and youth were engaged

o   One family consultation has taken place (in Picton) which was also very informative

Some details about the consultations

o   Youth age 12+, both those who have used services and those interested in providing feedback, are welcome

o   Youth will receive a $25 honorarium (gift card) for participating

o   Youth will receive food and beverages

o   Family members who are interested in participating in family consultations will also receive a $25 gift card, gas coverage (up to $25) and money for childcare (up to $25).

Other communities across Ontario have been able hear from many families and youth in consultations and able to gather hundreds of surveys from youth in their communities when community partners help to share the survey link, and are willing to ask youth using their services to complete the survey. We are hoping that community partners will assist us as they are able in getting the information out about the surveys to both clients and youth in their communities.

Please email Theresa Dostaler at with questions or call 613-827-2252.

Wendy Anderson, Coordinator, Children and Youth Services Network

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