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We’ve come a long way since 2011!

In November 2014, I presented a historical timeline to the Network as part of a collective effort to move forward on our partnership self-assessment results.  While it’s helpful to know where we’ve been before we can determine where we’re headed, it was clear at the time that many continuing and new members did not share a common past and sense of purpose.

Recognizing that Network membership will always fluctuate as new organizations sign on and decision-makers change, I have maintained this historical timeline of processes, activities and achievements to provide members with a visual account of our progress and a simple way to monitor our activities and achievements in relation to our shared vision and mandate.

Our Vision – Children, youth and families living in Hastings-Prince Edward easily access a responsive service system that meets their needs.

Our Mandate – To support the well-being of children and youth prenatal to 18 years and their families through collaboration and informed planning.

To view the timeline, please CLICK HERE. It is also featured on the CYSN ORIENTATION page for the benefit of new member organizations and on our NETWORK MINUTES page to serve as a refresher for continuing members.

As you can see, the Network hit the ground running to implement the strategic directions and structure developed during the Community Action Research Project (CARP) in 2011/12.  A lot has been learned . . . a lot has been accomplished . . .

The Report Card 2013 brochure raised awareness around food insecurity and developmental vulnerabilities in young children, resulting in various community campaigns; i.e., Second Helpings, Fresh for All, Make Room for Play, and specific actions by member organizations.  The November 2016 Report Card Update presentation indicates that work on these red flag issues needs to continue.

In addition to the partnership self-assessment, performed in 2014 to evaluate Network operations, evaluations of committee and working group activities were performed; e.g., Report Card, Fresh for All, Make Room for Play, Red Cards, Referral Guide by Function and Circle in a Box.

The 24-member First Nations Métis Inuit (FNMI) planning group works actively to strengthen relationships among service providers, increase cultural awareness, sensitivity and safety and improve service delivery to Indigenous children and families.  October 2016 Circle in a Box workshops in Tyendinaga and Maynooth were a huge success!

Tools, resources and training that support No Wrong Door and Warm Hand-Off approaches to information and referral continue to be maintained and utilized.

The CYSN website, launched in May 2013, keeps members and community partners current on Network activities, initiatives, new programs and services, professional development opportunities, grants, etc. on a bi-weekly basis.

Under the direction of the dynamic 16-member Community Indicators and Measures Committee, finishing touches are now being made to a three-year work plan, entitled “Our Commitment to Working Together”, to assist the Network in advancing its mandate during 2017-2020.

Our five approved strategies will ensure that planning is informed by data, information is accessible and widely known among service providers, adequate programs and services are available in all communities, our system of services is easier for children, youth and families to navigate, and the functioning of the Network is efficient and effective.

I hope to see many of you at the February 23, 2017 Network meeting where decisions will be made around working groups and processes for implementation and monitoring of work plan strategies, goals and objectives.

Wendy Anderson, Coordinator, Children and Youth Services Network

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