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Promote Education Savings Week 2016



. . . and help spread the word November 20-26 on the importance of saving early for a child’s education after high-school using Registered Education Savings Plans (RESP).

Established in 2014, Education Savings Week is a community-led initiative bringing partners together on a range of communication events and activities to help raise awareness and understanding of the benefits of savings for a child’s post-secondary education in RESPs, and of federal and provincial education savings incentives, namely the:

  • the Canada Learning Bond;
  • Canada Education Savings Grant;
  • British-Columbia Training and Education Savings Grant;
  • Saskatchewan Advantage Grant for Education Savings, and;
  • Québec Education Savings Incentive.

A variety of tools are now available to help support your communication activities. Here are a few ways in which these products could be used:

  • Infographics – Share them with your friends, display these in your waiting room, share with clients as pamphlets, or use these as a visual aid when explaining the Canada Learning Bond.
  • Graphic Banner – Share it with your social network on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc…
  • Article – For use in your newsletter or blogpost
  • Social Media posts – Post, chat, tweet, Instagram these messages using your preferred platform
  • #EduSaveWeek and #SemaineEpargneEtudes (French) – Use these hashtags to join the conversation!

These products are available at: Here, you will also find a Reporting Form, to be used to let us know what you did to help promote ESW 2016!  The information obtained will help us and our partners renew our efforts in the years to come.

You may also want to visit the Canadian Financial Literacy Database and our community partners’ website for more information and resources to help plan and support your Education Savings Week activities.

For more information about the RESPs and saving for a child’s education after high school, visit You can also follow us on Twitter @Jobs_Emplois, or like us on Facebook:

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Finally, we want to THANK YOU for time and effort in raising awareness of the importance of saving early for a child’s studies after high-school.

David C. Moore, Director, Program Design, Canada Education Savings Program, Learning Branch, Employment and Social Development Canada / Government of Canada, / Tel: 819-654-8688


Wendy Anderson, Coordinator, Children and Youth Services Network

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