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Latest News! Ontario Helping More Schools Become Community Hubs

child-laughing-in-leavesTo:  Ottawa Region Partners

From:  Rachelle Blanchette RECE, Child Care Advisor, Ottawa Region, Early Years Implementation Branch, Ministry of Education

You will likely remember that on May 6, 2016, the government announced a $90 million investment to further enable the development of community hubs. CLICK HERE for announcement.

The May 6, 2016 announcement detailed that the province will provide:

  • $20 million to create space for new child care and child and family support programs through Ontario Early Years Child and Family Centres in schools
  • $18 million to retrofit existing child care space within a school to open up more spaces for children under four years old
  • $50 million to renovate surplus school space to make it available for use by community partners and the public

In the Spring 2016, the school boards and CMSM/DSSABs received additional information on the $20 million and $18 million investments.

And now in Fall 2016, the school boards have received additional information on the $50 million investment. CLICK HERE for details.

Have a good day.

Wendy Anderson, Coordinator, Children and Youth Services Network

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