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Kerry’s Place Autism Services help clients achieve optimal success

Submitted by Kristine Galloway, Community Manager, Autism Consultant


kpas-logoAt Kerry’s Place, we listen to families and together, create solutions that are ethical and impactful.  As Canada’s largest provider of ASD services and supports, our focus is on personal growth, community inclusion, and the importance of being happy.

We are here to help . . . providing an appropriate level of support to persons with ASD and/or family members to achieve optimal success. Current Fee for Service Options that are offered: Respite, Day Supports, Consultation, Customized Training, Group Learning Sessions and Workshops and Clinical Services.


Respite is a service which provides temporary relief for the family or caregiver of a person with a diagnosis of ASD.  Respite services may be provided in home and/or in a community setting.

Day Supports

The Day Program supports transitional aged youth and adults with autism to reach their individual goals.  Participants are encouraged to build new skills in the areas of employment, recreation, life and social skills, and pursue educational opportunities in their communities.


Consultation is a support provided to people of all ages to address interests and challenges through customized services and resources.  Autism Consultants meet with the person with ASD and/or the person/people that support them at locations within their community.

Customized Training, Group Learning Sessions and Workshops

Professional and educational workshops are available for: respite workers, family members, School and School Board Personnel, Health and Mental Health Sectors, agencies, and local businesses, etc. Additionally, Information sessions are available in a group setting which include topics, such as:

  • Introduction to Autism
  • Sensory Awareness
  • Successful De-Escalation
  • Anxiety
  • Visuals, etc.

Trainings, Group Learning Sessions and Workshops are offered in a variety of locations throughout the East Region.

Clinical Services

A range of clinical services are available to other service providers on a fee for service basis.  Supports include the following:

  • Behavioral Consultation
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Practical and Theoretical Training for Management Staff.

An Environmental Assessment will be completed to assess what staffing levels are required.  Fees are individualized based on need and assessment. Once the environmental assessment has been completed Kerry’s Place will be able to determine the fee according to the individual’s needs.  For further information please contact our intake line.

Accessing Services

For further information regarding fees and customized services or an application package, please contact intake at 613-968-5554 ext 21 in Belleville.

Wendy Anderson, Coordinator, Children and Youth Services Network

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