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The Importance of Positive Parenting

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“Supporting Parenting to Promote Children’s Social and Emotional Well-being” from the Canadian Journal of Community Mental Health talks about the effects of positive parenting on the development of children and youth, and its ability to prevent social, emotional and behavioural difficulties.

The article supports the Triple P Positive Parenting Program, an evidence-based intervention which has been practiced, evaluated and revised worldwide for over 30 years.  Its success has been largely attributed to the fact that facilitators are able to tailor the program to the diverse needs of families and communities. Triple P has been and continues to be available throughout Hastings and Prince Edward Counties.

Triple P offers five levels of parent training, and three streams based on the parent’s needs and preferences which address the following core principles:

  • safe and engaging environments,
  • positive learning environments,
  • assertive discipline,
  • realistic interventions, and
  • parental self-care.

The article also provides examples of government/policy supported implementation of Triple in Manitoba, Alberta and PEI.

Triple P is funded in Hastings-Prince Edward by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services, Quinte Children’s Foundation and United Way Quinte, and program delivery is made possible through in-kind contributions from participating organizations who provide facilitators, space, etc. Local organizations delivering Triple P welcome your referrals.  For more information, please visit a new interactive website at To find Triple P sessions currently available in HPE, click on “Find a Session” from the home page.

To learn more, please CLICK HERE for a copy of this article by Philip B. Smith (University of Prince Edward Island), Jacquie Brown (Triple P International), Steven Feldgaier (Health Child Manitoba and University of Manitoba) and Catherine M. Lee (University of Ottawa).

Wendy Anderson, Coordinator, Children and Youth Services Network

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