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CYSNetwork News Exchange – 24/06/16

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ABC TOOLKIT:  The ABC Childhood Screening & Information Fairs were replaced with an ABC Toolkit for early learning professionals to share with families. The Toolkit is suitable for parents who have a child between the age of 3-5 years and heading off to school. It is meant to be an early intervention tool to help children transition more successfully to school. The Toolkit contains a poster to hang in your centre, a parent handout with recommendations for when a child should be checked or screened in an area of their development and the checklists to back up the recommendations.

You can access the ABC Toolkit on the Family Space website under literacy resources for professionals

Using the ABC Toolkit:

  1. Hang the poster in an area of your centre that parents will notice it.
  2. Offer the parent handout to parents who have a child 3-5 years heading off to school.
  3. Review the recommendations on the handout with the parent and offer an appropriate checklist if they want one. (NOTE: Some parents may not need every checklist as they may have just seen a professional for services (ie. hearing test) or may already be receiving treatment ie. (speech-language services.)

If you have questions, please contact Donna Kaye at

Wendy Anderson, Coordinator, Children and Youth Services Network

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