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Why Refer to Triple P Positive Parenting Program?

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Submitted by Julie K. London, Triple P Program Coordinator

“…An economically advantaged child exposed to low quality parenting is more disadvantaged than an economically disadvantaged child exposed to high quality parenting.” James Heckman, 2011- Nobel Prize winner in Economics, written in American Educator in Spring 2011

“The single most important thing we can do (to promote the well-being of children and reduce child maltreatment) is increase the knowledge, skills, and confidence of parents in the task of raising children.”  Matt Sanders, Professor of Clinical Psychology and founder of the Triple P Positive Parenting Program, Brisbane, Australia, 2014

Fortunately, families in Hastings-Prince Edward have access to Triple P – a high quality parenting program!

Unfortunately, myths and preconceptions exist locally around Triple P that prevent parents from following through on referrals and learning how to parent more effectively.  Community service providers, educators and health care practitioners are being asked to communicate correct information to families about what Triple P is, and re-assure families about what it is not.

Trained Triple P practitioners teach five core principles and 17+ strategies that support positive relationships between parents and children.  Information is delivered to parents in a manner that is respectful of family values, ethics and culture.  Triple P never aims to judge or tell a parent how to parent.  Instead, the program is designed to build confidence, knowledge and parenting skills.  It is the parent who decides upon the strategies that may work best for them and their child.

Here is what practitioners find amazing about Triple P:

  • Client-led approach
  • We are not required to jump in and offer help
  • Parents find their own answers
  • The pace … starts with relationship development and moves to behaviour strategies
  • When parents have an “aha” moment and feel empowered to make change
  • Parent ownership – very easy for parents to follow strategies
  • Video tip sheets (podcasts)
  • Common sense
  • Great resources
  • It works!
  • See change in parent demeanor after the first visit
  • Parents provide support to each other
  • Parents often have their own epiphanies that motivate them for change
  • It increases positivity
  • Easy, simple for parents to start with
  • Parents like the step-by-step help, tip sheets, DVDs
  • When a parent comes up to me afterwards and says “it works, thanks”!!
  • Improves parent/child relationship
  • That I continue to experience families who make small changes and see huge differences in their children’s behaviour and their feelings of efficacy.

For more information about Triple P and to make referrals, please contact Julie K. London, Coordinator, 613-968-1144 or toll free 1-877-968-1144 or email

Wendy Anderson, Coordinator, Children and Youth Services Network

  1. Well written! Thanks for addressing the myths and preconceptions as I often hear comments questioning the value of Triple P. Love the list of amazing comments from practitioners!

    • Thanks Donna, it is so great to have you as a consistent champion of Triple P and thanks for taking the time to read and comment. You made my day!

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