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Prenatal and Postnatal Programs at Métis Nation of Ontario in Bancroft

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The Metis Nation of Ontario (MNO) offers a variety of programs at its Healing and Wellness Branch at 91 Chemaushgon Street in Bancroft that support young children and their families, and address the physical, mental, emotion, spiritual and cultural aspects of holistic Aboriginal health.

The MNO Healthy Babies, Healthy Children program is a prevention/intervention strategy for families with children aged 0-6 which includes preparation for parenting, prenatal and postnatal care. The goal is to assist all Aboriginal families in providing an environment for the healthy development of children through home visits, service coordination and referrals. The program, which provides support for children at risk, is voluntary and open to any Aboriginal family who requests the service.

Metis Nation Bancroft

The Community Action Program for Children (CAP-C) helps to improve prenatal, infant and child nutrition, provides parenting and care-giving skills, reduces the incidence of children at-risk, and promotes healthy lifestyles, cultural teaching, and community development. The overall objective of (CAP-C) is to enable communities to develop comprehensive, culturally appropriate programs leading to the healthy development of Métis children (0-6 years) and their families living in conditions of risk. Decision-making is community-based and strives to involve children, parents, families, community members and service providers in every aspect of the project.

Through the Aboriginal Healing and Wellness Strategy (AHWS), the Community Wellness Worker (CWW) Program promotes healthy living and the prevention of family violence through culture-based programming.

The Branch actively seeks to partner with Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people and governments that recognize and respect the diverse lifestyles and traditions of Aboriginal people, regardless of residency and status.

Inquiries and referrals can be made by calling 613-332-2575.

For a complete list of programs available at the MNO Healing and Wellness Branch, which includes victim services, education, employment and training, please visit and click the Programs and Services tab.

Wendy Anderson, Coordinator, Children and Youth Services Network

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