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Members Engage in Review of Vision and Mandate

Network Sept 24 2015 - Maribeth

Fifty representatives from member organizations attended the September 24th Children and Youth Services Network meeting at the Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board office to participate in a consultation led by Judith Moses of Collective Wisdom Consulting in Kingston.

Purpose and Process

Arising from the findings of the 2014 partnership self-assessment, the objectives of this consultation were to bring member organizations together towards a common understanding of our purpose and explore concerns that Network activities are not aligned with our purpose.  This was accomplished by reviewing the 2013 vision and mandate statements and responding to the question, what do we do to realize our vision?

Network Sept 24 2015 - Susan

Member Input

Responses revolved around common themes: collaborative planning and action through the identification of service gaps and duplication, outcomes and measures, and greater awareness of local services by providers and clients.  Other items focused on common language, training, and greater awareness by key stakeholders of the knowledge and expertise that exists within our membership.Network Sept 24 2015 - Group

Next Steps

The CYSN Community Indicators and Measures Committee (CIMC) will review the summary document being prepared by Collective Wisdom Consulting and plan how the Network will move forward on findings from the consultation with timelines. Recommendations will then be presented to the Coordinating Team for inclusion on future Network agendas. Judith recommended to the Network that “strategy should drive our structure”.  It was explained that structure should only be addressed once outcomes and strategy are clear.

Network Sept 24 2015 - Bonnie

Our Commitment to Working Together

Ongoing consultation with the Network is necessary in order to move forward together. Members are encouraged to keep the mornings of November 26th, February 25th, April 29th and June 23rd open in order to have a voice, maintain consistency of members and keep the momentum going on this exciting process that will, in the end, lead to cohesive action by the membership that is responsive to the needs of children, youth and families.

Wendy Anderson, Coordinator, Children and Youth Services Network

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