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Nurturing Growth Mindset – #leadershipshine


Over the summer, I approached my very first tweet chat with only a smidge of confidence.

Upon learning the topic of the August 12th tweet chat with co-hosts Jean Clinton (Associate Clinical Professor at McMaster University) and Anne Marie Coughlin (Director of Education at London Bridge Child Care Services), I decided to open a twitter account and give it a try.

“Nurturing growth mindset in yourself and others.?  Now how could one resist taking advantage of an intriguing learning opportunity like that?!

For me, the experience was fast-paced and informative, mainly because participants were bright, articulate and experienced in early childhood development and collaborating with others. While I didn’t say anything this time, I was pleased to see that our very own Theresa Kennedy and Rachelle Blanchette contributed to this province-wide conversation.

The questions to prompt discussion were as follows:

  1. In your view what does it mean to have a growth mindset?
  2. What kinds of things stop people from growing and learning?
  3. What attitudes around failure need to shift if we are to cultivate growth mindsets?
  4. What practices and attitudes do you see in leaders who have a growth mindset?
  5. Under what conditions do you learn best?
  6. How do you nurture a growth mindset in others?

I got the greatest understanding of growth mindset from the responses to questions #1 and #4.  A growth mind set was described by Anne Marie Coughlin as “being excited about what you have the potential to become, not simply what you are.”  Others mentioned having the ability to listen with an open mind, to see the potential within yourself to change and grow, and to act.  Leaders with a growth mindset were described as having a vision and seeing opportunities to learn, grow and change.  They bring out the best in others and help the people around them see their own potential.  They create leaders rather than followers.

I couldn’t possibly include all of the shared wisdom and knowledge expressed by tweeters in this blog. If you have never tweeted and would like to view the conversation, simply open an account at, visit and type in the hashtag #leadershipshine.

See how to encourage a growth mindset in young children by viewing Dr. Jean’s video at

Wendy Anderson, Coordinator, Children and Youth Services Network

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