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Community Engagement Supports Effective Networks

Community engagement is “people working collaboratively, through inspired action and learning, to create and realize bold visions for their common future.”  Tamarack Institute for Community Engagement

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Looking for something to further inspire your commitment to working together for children, youth and families in Hastings-Prince Edward? I ran across a great resource that may be of interest to you as a Network member or community partner.

Health Nexus a not-for-profit organization, located in Toronto, that promotes healthy, equitable and inclusive communities.  Many of you will be familiar with the Best Start Resource Centre, one of its key programs.  Among a variety of topics, Health Nexus offers information, tools and resources around community engagement.

For example, they offer a checklist of 8 common-sense tips for effective collaboration.

  1. Share a common vision.
  2. Build consensus.
  3. Develop outcomes.
  4. Communicate openly and frequently.
  5. Determine roles and responsibilities.
  6. Be aware of group dynamics.
  7. Use resources wisely.
  8. Have fun and celebrate successes.

It is stressed that for true and sustainable community impact to occur, engagement and collaboration with groups from all sectors is necessary.

To learn more, please visit Health Nexus.

Wendy Anderson, Coordinator, Children and Youth Services Network

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