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Moving Forward on Family Engagement

Happy_family_(1)Following our Southeast Region Family Engagement Project and release of the Consultant’s Final Report, April 2014, the Children and Youth Services Network approved a Family Engagement Plan last week to work together to support member organizations in their family engagement efforts.

Throughout the Fall/Winter of 2015/16, the Service Pathway/Community Engagement Committee will provide opportunities for members to share promising family engagement practices, and assemble a toolkit of best practices and resources on how members can effectively engage families.

A one-page resource was developed in November 2014 that summarizes the CYSN philosophy and practice of family engagement, and sets out a common definition.

In 2015/16, all member organizations have committed to:

  • Support and contribute to the work of the CYSN on family engagement.
  • Recognize the importance of and implement best practice related to family engagement in your organization.

For an excellent primer on what family engagement is and why it is important, please watch the video below, produced by the Ontario Centre of Excellence.  While the focus is on child and youth mental health, their family-centred approach is transferable to all organizations serving children, youth and their families.

Wendy Anderson, Coordinator, Children and Youth Services Network

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