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Fresh for All Campaign Officially Launched



Grow fresh food.

Share fresh food.

It’s that simple!


The official launch of the Fresh for All grow-a-row campaign took place on Wednesday, June 17th in a parking lot on North Front in Belleville where the eye-catching billboard featuring the signature Fresh for All carrot logo is now located.

Assembled were members of the working group representing the Children and Youth Services Network (CYSN), Food Security Network, Vital Signs and Poverty Roundtable, along with Shawn Patriquin from THEY Integrated who developed and generously contributed the campaign logo and website.

Please CLICK HERE to read last Wednesday’s article in the Belleville Intelligencer and CLICK HERE to read today’s article in the Belleville News.

Fresh for All also got some terrific coverage on the online news website  See Linda Downey from the Storehouse Food Bank in Wellington, posed with a Fresh for All sign in a County cornfield.

In addition to the billboard, 10 signs have been strategically placed throughout Hastings-Prince Edward to encourage community gardeners and farmers to visit and learn how to get involved and where to donate their harvests.

Posters and rack cards are now available on the CYSN website to print or share electronically with clients, families and friends.  Just go to the home page and click the blue action button located at the top right.  Hard copies of the posters will be distributed at the June 25th CYSN meeting.

Fresh for All is an excellent opportunity for us all to work together under a common purpose to improve access to healthy food by children, youth and families in Hastings-Prince Edward.

Wendy Anderson, Coordinator, Children and Youth Services Network

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