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Over the next month, a local working group, comprised of members from the Children and Youth Services Network, Food Security Network, Vital Signs Food Group and Poverty Roundtable, will launch a community campaign to improve access to healthy food by children, youth and families in Hastings-Prince Edward. The campaign is called “Fresh for All”.

“Fresh for All” is a community of gardeners, businesses, organizations and individuals in Hastings and Prince Edward Counties working together to share fresh food.

Whether you’re an avid gardener or a novice green-thumb, participating is easy, fun, and helps provide fresh food for all.  Not only will individuals and families want to donate produce from their own gardens, but schools, clubs, churches, agencies and businesses are encouraged to get involved too.

A website is being developed to inform the community and list food banks and meal programs eager to accept donations of fresh produce.

Details will be available once the website and campaign materials have been finalized.

Wendy Anderson, Coordinator, Children and Youth Services Network

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