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Great Communication Will Change the World

Idea shared by Julie London, Triple P Coordinator who brought back this video from the Helping Families Change Conference


PresentationCommunications teacher, Melissa Marshall offers some great advice on how we can make effective presentations to audiences who may not work in our particular field or sector.  While she refers to scientists and engineers in her 4:34 minute TED Talk, her suggestions are relevant to those of us who work in partnership with diverse groups of organizations; i.e., community services, education, employment, health, justice, recreation, etcetera.

Melissa advises us to avoid jargon, share only what’s relevant to the listener and explain concepts through the use of examples, stories and analogies.  Too much language can be overwhelming to the listener.  She suggests that we stop relying on bullet points because they can kill a presentation.  Melissa demonstrates how effective presentation slides can be by using a simple readable sentence and visuals.  We can also learn by her example because Melissa is a great communicator and skilled at engaging her audience.  Watch her video!


Wendy Anderson, Coordinator, Children and Youth Services Network


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