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Announcing New CYSN Website Re-organization

hour glassRecognizing that time is precious, our Communication Team has re-organized the CYSN website to make it more user-friendly for our members.

Work of the CYSN and its various groups has also advanced since the launch of our new website back in May 2013.  This growth needs to be reflected in our communications throughout the Network, with and between organizations and the community.

Meeting minutes are now easier to find with the addition of drop-down menus in the ABOUT section.  Members are no longer required to scroll past other team, committee and working group information to find what they are looking for.

To reflect the importance of the No Wrong Door approach to information and referral across our system, a dedicated NO WRONG DOOR heading has been added to make finding resources to connect children, youth and families with appropriate services easier.  This is where the most current Service Referral Guide by Function is located.  And each resource is contained in a neat and tidy little box.

A new RED FLAGS heading highlights our work on the two red flag issues identified back in 2013:  “food security” and “Kindergarten students who are developmentally at risk.”  Not only can you review the minutes from working group meetings – you can access materials to support their 2015 campaigns.

The RESOURCE section has been cleaned up and contains the:

Checkered Flags mental health resource guide for schools, community agencies, families and youth prepared by member organizations and community partners in 2013.

Family Engagement report entitled, “Developing a Common Understanding of Family Engagement in South East Ontario” prepared by Theresa Dostaler, Synergy Research and Evaluation Consulting in consultation with all four planning tables in 2014.

This section also includes links to Community Research as well as Provincial Initiatives such as the Ontario Special Needs Strategy, Moving on Mental Health, Youth Suicide Prevention and How Does Learning Happen?  Now links to resources that are relevant to our work are housed in one location.

Finally, the Aboriginal Planning Working Group has assembled a cultural awareness toolkit for use by member organizations and community partners.  This toolkit, along with meeting minutes, can be found under the ABOUT heading.

We hope you find this website re-organization helpful and continue to stay informed by reading the weekly newsletter and feature blog.

Suggestions to make the CYSN website even better are always welcome!

Wendy Anderson, Coordinator, Children and Youth Services Network

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