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How You Can Help the Proposed Belleville Youth Centre

“If a Belleville Youth Centre is going to get off the ground, it needs a little work from lots of people” states Colin Leaver, Quinte YFC/Youth Unlimited Executive Director.  You may recall meeting Colin at the last CYSN meeting, when he advised that his organization was investigating the possibility of a Belleville Youth Centre.


SURVEYS: Currently collecting surveys at the Belleville mall to get a public opinion on youth habits, home life and hangouts in Belleville. The results will be used to prove what we already believe: that Belleville needs a youth centre.

STATISTICS: We are also collecting other useful statistics. Police services has collected data on youth crime, the Play Works survey, Health Unit (stats from smoking), CYSN, Family Works, Salvation Army community services. These will be compiled to present the relevant data for this youth issue.

COLLABORATION: At the end of 2014 we spent much time meeting many different individuals who are also interested in seeing Belleville open a youth centre. Our goal is to make this a community effort, because ‘it takes a village to raise a child’. We are still meeting people and organizations who want to be on board. This list is being refined constantly.

COUNCIL: A deputation to City Council is being planned for two reasons: (1) Inform them and the community of the community opinion and our official intention to develop a youth centre; and (2) Ask for the City of Belleville to help by (a) providing property or location we can use, (b) providing rec youth staff time, (c) official agreement of the need, and (d) accept our request to move forward with this project.


  1. Official collaborators list: The attached list is of those who have already expressed interest or have offered their help. If you have not done so already, please review the list attached and inform Colin of your or your organization’s intention to be involved and what level of help you offer to get this project off the ground.
  2. Help us get more survey results. Post it on your Facebook page, email it to friends, ask your co-workers. It’s easy and only takes a minimum of two minutes. Attached is the paper version we are using at the mall. The online survey is at or type in for easier access.
  3. Next collaborators meeting – Please consider joining our planning team.  Our next meeting will be scheduled in conjunction with the deputation to Belleville City Council.  We would like to host a community forum in early February. Your input is needed!

For more information or to join the official collaborators list and/or planning team, please contact Colin Leaver at 613-969-0471 x22 or

Wendy Anderson, Coordinator, Children and Youth Services Network

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