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CYSN June 2014 - 4 (Beverley)

In addition to interactive group exercises, presentations and recommendations from CYSN teams, committees and working groups, various processes are available to support collaboration at Network meetings.  That is because you – the membership – are responsible for all planning decisions and problem-solving.


Community Issues

Member organizations may request active support from the membership for issues that impact the children, youth and family service system.  A clear and transparent process was developed in September 2013 to help member organizations bring issues to the Network table.  Please refer to Community Issues (Advocacy) Guidelines and Request Form.  The request form may be completed by member organizations and submitted to the Coordinating Team who are responsible for developing Network meeting agendas.

NEW – Partnership Connections

In response to Network meeting evaluation results, beginning in September 2014, the Coordinating Team will be adding a standing item to Network meeting agendas called “Partnership Connections.”  Member organizations may report on opportunities within their organizations or sector, and invite members to partner.  Effective immediately, the Request Form may be completed and submitted to the Coordinating Team.  The deadline to get on the September 25th agenda is September 8th.

CYSN June 2014 - 3 (Kelly and Theresa)

Pre-meeting Networking

An informal networking period is offered from 9-9:30am to allow members and community partners to establish new contacts, exchange information and ideas, build relationships and generate partnership opportunities.

CYSN June 2014 - 5 (Chris and Linda)

Information Buffet

Members and community partners may share business cards, reports, brochures, flyers and other items of interest by placing them on the table provided.


CYSN June 2014 - 8 (Maribeth)


An informal information-sharing period is available before the closing of each meeting to allow members and community partners to take a minute or two to announce new services, locations and other important items that support the CYSN’s No Wrong Door philosophy.

CYSN June 2014 - 2 (Julie)Members are encouraged to take advantage of the above processes in order to support No Wrong Door and bring important issues to the Network table.  Active participation and collaboration between CYSN member organizations supports our vision where, “children, youth and families living in HPE easily access a responsive service system that meets their needs.”

And finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that the CYSN blog is not only a good source of information, but an opportunity for collaboration as well.  Members may respond to items posted in the blog and dialogue with others.  Please contact me if you are not sure how to communicate through the blog.


Please note:  All photos were taken with permission from participants of the How Does Learning Happen? foundations exercise on June 26, 2014.

Wendy Anderson, Coordinator, Children and Youth Services Network

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