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Community Indicators and Measures Committee Supports Planning and Accountability

The 12-member Community Indicators and Measures Committee (CIMC), co-chaired by Brandi Hodge (United Way of Quinte) and Tami Callahan (Highland Shores Children’s Aid), is responsible for:

– developing tools necessary to evaluate Network operations; and

– providing analysis and interpretation of data to the Network.

While this committee had existed prior to restructuring, its mandate was adapted in 2012 to respond to the changing needs and requirements of the newly re-structured Network.

Evaluation of Network Operations

The CIMC adapted the Partnership Self-Assessment tool developed by the Center for the Advancement of Collaborative Strategies in Health for use by the Network.  This tool had been selected by a small working group with support from the Centre for Excellence prior to restructuring as the best fit for our Network.  117 representatives from the 49 CYSN member organizations were invited to participate in April 2014.

Next Steps:  The CIMC will work with the Network in the fall to look at what is going well, and plan for changes to make CYSN structure, processes and communication more effective.

Analysis and Interpretation of Data to the Network

As you all know, the CIMC was responsible for creating the Report Card 2013 brochure which identified the CYSN’s two red flag action items:  Food Insecurity and Kindergarten Children Developmentally at Risk.

Following the ACT Rochester model, their next step has been to create a Hastings-Prince Edward data repository to provide child health and family support indicators, identify key trends and show community action projects and resources.  The purpose of this data repository will be to assist the Network in system planning, and support collaboration and community partnerships.

Brandi Hodge, Data Analysis Coordinator Beverley Bell-Rowbotham and yours truly met with three local web designers to gather proposals for creation of the repository.  As presented at the June 26th Network meeting, THEY Integrated Inc., a full service digital creative agency, scored highest on a matrix containing the three proposals.

Next Steps:  The CIMC will begin to look at various grants to fund this project.  The Trenton Military Family Resource Centre has agreed to be the lead organization on these proposals.

If you are considering becoming a member of the Community Indicators and Measures Committee, please contact Wendy Anderson, Coordinator, Children and Youth Services Network.


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