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Communication Team Works Toward a Well-Informed Network

The five-member Communication Team, co-chaired by Maribeth deSnoo (Hastings and Prince Edward Learning Foundation) and Bonnie Perrigard (Highland Shores Children’s Aid), is responsible for:

– developing and implementing effective strategies for communication throughout the Network, with and between organizations and the community; and

– responding to the communication needs of the Network which includes all teams, committees and working groups.

Over the past year, the main focus of the Communication Team has been to meet the communication needs of Network members and community partners through the CYSN website.  And it’s working!  Since its launch, the website has grown from 113 hits and 62 users in May 2013 to 540 hits and 410 users in May 2014.

A Social Media Platform, which includes a social media policy, received the approval of the Network in December 2013.  CYSN facebook and twitter accounts require further development but the blog, containing weekly newsletters and feature articles, is most popular, receiving the largest number of visits.  Readers are encouraged to respond to items posted in the blog and dialogue with others.

The Communication Team was also responsible for creating the CYSN Travelling Slideshow and presenting it to the Network in March 2014 so that members can share information about the CYSN within their organizations, and with other groups.  The slideshow was designed to be easily adapted to audiences by simply removing slides or elaborating on the notes provided.  The slideshow is updated regularly and the PowerPoint version is available in the member area of the CYSN website.

Moving forward, the Communication Team will continue to make improvements to the design and content of the CYSN website.  It is hoped that results from the recent CYSN Partnership Self-Assessment will assist them in developing and implementing communication strategies that are responsive to the needs of member organizations and community partners.  Their current survey about the RED CARDSdeadline August 15th – will help determine how to best respond to the service information needs of youth throughout Hastings-Prince Edward – through printed cards, web-based cards or perhaps both.

If you are considering becoming a member of the Communication Team, please contact Wendy Anderson, Coordinator, Children and Youth Services Network.

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