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Community Development Council of Quinte Celebrates 25 Years

Since 1989, Quinte’s Community Development Council has promoted “the planning and provision of health and social services to ensure residents of the Quinte community are provided with the necessities of life and an opportunity to improve one’s quality of life.”

In partnership with various groups, the CDC oversees a multitude of food security programs, including food boxes, community gardens and cooking workshops for residents of all ages.  Between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, they are holding a baby food drive to stock the Good Baby Box depots throughout Hastings-Prince Edward that help improve access to healthy, nutritious foods for infants and toddlers.  See FLYER for more details.

Whether it’s giving us the facts about minimum wage or showing us how far social assistance dollars go towards meeting basic needs, one can always count on the Community Development Council of Quinte to provide information that is well-researched, easy to understand, and spells out our social responsibility in a manner that is respectful and heartfelt.  This is definitely an organization that knows how to engage the community in order to build capacity.  Action is attached to every program and campaign, making it easy for us as individuals and organizations to help make a difference whether it’s through advocacy, fundraising or volunteerism.

As a community partner, Ruth Ingersoll and her team at the CDC bring knowledge and perspective to the table that help us work more effectively towards a responsive service system that meets the needs of children, youth and families.

Thank you CDC for 25 years of positive community leadership.

Please CLICK HERE to visit the new CDC website which offers a wealth of local social planning resources.  Their new office location is at 65 Station Street, Belleville.

Wendy Anderson, Coordinator, Children and Youth Services Network

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