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Community consultation helps guide strategic planning process for Highland Shores

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After the monumental task of amalgamating the three separate child welfare organizations in Northumberland, Hastings and Prince Edward Counties into one, Highland Shores Children’s Aid has embarked on a strategic planning process involving Board members, staff, foster families, youth in care, representatives from the local aboriginal communities and community partners.  Since January, Executive Directors and service providers from education, health and community service organizations have been involved in a series of face-to-face focus groups to help develop and provide feedback on the plan.

Strategic directions include:

  1. Enhance outcomes and experience of children, youth and families we serve.
  2. Complete the transformation.
  3. Ensure the fiscal vitality of the agency.
  4. Strengthen community partnerships and enhance public trust.
  5. Ensure Highland Shores is a great place to work.

Key goals and outcomes over the next three years will address:

  • Human Resources,
  • Family Services,
  • Children and Youth Services/Resources,
  • Information Services,
  • Finance and Property,
  • Services.

Year one of the plan will focus on implementation of the Child Protection Information Network (CPIN) and the successful completion of collective bargaining.  While a new multi-year funding plan will allow for more surplus flexibility, the new funding model has cut funding by almost 20%.   This will be balanced over the next four years with an overall strategy, “to continue to improve our service effectiveness and efficiency in keeping with transformation and the emerging provincial practice framework as our primary method of managing our budget based on the belief that child welfare done well is also often less expensive.

The plan will be finalized in May 2014, at which time, Highland Shores “will be committing to repositioning itself as an effective community partner.”

Wendy Anderson, Coordinator, Children and Youth Services Network

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