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2013 Year in Review – Part 2

Continuing on with last week’s look at 2013 CYSN highlights:

2013 was a highly productive year for the seven-member Communication Team.  Although they are the CYSN’s smallest group, they sure do know how to get things done.  Key deliverables included:

• submitted revised CYSN vision and mandate statements to the Network for consideration and approval;

• proposed a comprehensive goals and objectives visual for use by the CYSN;

• developed the re-vamped CYSN website and Social Media Platform;

• planned and delivered a media event in May, attended by more than seventy directors, managers, administrators and service providers from organizations serving children, youth and families, along with a number of dignitaries, which featured the signing of the logo membership banner, launch of our new website and release of the Report Card 2013 brochure; and

• creation of the Children and Youth Services Network Brochure entitled “Our Commitment to Working Together.”

Following a long-standing CYSN strategic priority, the 16-member Community Outcomes and Measures Committee, comprised of data people from member organizations and community partners, developed the Report Card 2013 Brochure which identified the CYSN’s red flag priority issues.  Printing and distribution of this brochure was made possible through a grant from United Way Quinte.  The committee, with support from Beverley Bell-Rowbotham, Data Analysis Coordinator, was kept busy throughout 2013, assembling information for a comprehensive report and data repository for release in 2014.

The 22-member Food Reclamation Project Working Group, comprised of members of the CYSN and Food Security Network, are well on their way to piloting a food reclamation project in the Quinte area which will reclaim surplus perishable foods from food producers and providers, and facilitate its distribution organizations who serve individuals who are in need of it.

And finally, while the Kindergarten Students who are Developmentally at Risk Working Group is still in the formation stages and has yet to identify an early childhood development project, this 25-member group met three times in 2013 to brainstorm, review research and engage in activities and discussions to address the issues behind poor EDI scores in Hastings-Prince Edward.

So bring on 2014 – it looks like we’re ready!

Wendy Anderson, Coordinator, Children and Youth Services Network

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