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2013 Year in Review – Part 1

As we enter 2014, I wish to take this opportunity to acknowledge a few of the accomplishments of the CYSN and its teams, committees and working groups throughout 2013 under the solid leadership of co-chairs Kelly Mathieson and Theresa Kennedy.

Among numerous achievements, the Network planning table finalized its new Terms of Reference in 2013, and developed a Membership Agreement resulting in 48 member organizations.  Two working groups were struck to address the red flag priority issues of high food insecurity rates and Early Development Instrument (EDI) vulnerability scores.  Advocacy Guidelines and a process for bringing Community Issues forward were also implemented.  Although there were a few bumps along the way, I think most would agree that transition through the Network restructure, which began in November 2012, has gone well.

The eight-member Coordinating Team worked diligently to develop and evaluate eight CYSN meeting agendas throughout 2013 to support effective decision-making by the Network.  Ensuring that meetings are productive, interactive and responsive will continue to be their biggest priority in 2014.

Following a 2012 CYSN strategic priority, the 12-member Resource Sharing Committee put the finishing touches on a Resource and Asset Inventory to provide a better understanding of what resources and opportunities exist within each community and facilitate better communication and cooperation between member organizations.  This Committee also supported the November 7th Community Service Expo to improve community awareness about programs and services and offer opportunities for networking among HPE service providers.

Following a second 2012 CYSN strategic priority, the 16-member Service Pathway / Community Engagement Committee was responsible for developing a 2-hour “No Wrong Door” and “Warm Hand-Off” workshop and resources, training 19 community train-the-trainers, offering six workshops across HPE to over 400 school staff and service providers, in combination with the launch of “Checkered Flags”, delivering eight dedicated workshops to service providers in Bancroft, Belleville and Picton, and evaluating the effectiveness of workshops and resources through participant surveys and trainer feedback.  It also developed a “No Wrong Door” training brochure in collaboration with the Communication Team.  This committee was also selected to act as Network liaison to the southeast region Parent Engagement Project Team, and will continue in this role throughout the duration of the project and onwards.

Next week, we will look at the 2013 achievement highlights of the Communication TeamCommunity Outcomes and Measures CommitteeFood Reclamation Project Working Group and Kindergarten Students who are Developmentally at Risk Working Group.

Wendy Anderson, Coordinator, Children and Youth Services Network

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