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Southeast Planning Tables Collaborate on Parent Engagement

The four children and youth services planning tables in the Southeast Region received a 2013-2014 Innovation Fund grant from MCYS to collaborate on a project to:

(1) develop a commonly understood and accepted definition of parent engagement;

(2) develop a regional parent engagement strategy with required local variations; and

(3) identify shared training resources.

With the help of facilitators Theresa Dostaler of Synergy Research and Evaluation Consulting and Kelly Mathieson, Executive Director of Family Space Quinte, more than 120 representatives from:

• Every Kid in our Communities of Leeds & Grenville,

• KFL&A Children and Youth Services Planning Committee,

• Lanark County Planning Council for Children, Youth and Families, and

• Hastings & Prince Edward Children and Youth Services Network

will attend symposiums in January 2014 to work on developing a shared definition/common understanding of parent engagement.  Both days promise to be interactive and engaging for registrants.

At the end of January, a small group of representatives from the four planning tables will meet to draw together a common definition and strategy for the Southeast Region.

Following this, equipped with a 25-page final report which will include recommendations and resources, each planning table will then develop its own community-specific plan.

Parent engagement is something that has been on our wish list of “to do’s” for a number of years.  It is exciting to anticipate that planning tables will soon have the knowledge and tools to move ahead with parent engagement on an integrated systems level.

Wendy Anderson, Coordinator, Children and Youth Services Network

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