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New Family Health Team in Belleville

The Queen’s Family Health Team, located at the Belleville site of the Queen’s University Department of Family Medicine at 145 Station Street, Connor House and East Hill, opened its doors in May 2013.  Comprised of a social worker, an International Normalized Ratio (INR) nurse (who monitors people taking blood thinners), a dietician and an occupational therapist (OT), this team of health professionals supports the ~81,000 patients of 17 allied health providers.

Katrina Levasseur, Social Worker with the Queen’s Family Health Team, acts as a kind of navigator to the individuals and families who are referred to her by these 17 physicians.  She conducts an informal assessment to determine the patient’s needs and then connects them to the appropriate community service or agency.  Katrina is also able to provide up to 10 counselling sessions for patients who require immediate or short-term support or who may be on a wait list for another service.

Katrina and her team work closely together to support patients who may overlap and need a combination of services and supports.  And while the team is still in its early stages, it hopes to work with other health care professionals in the area.  Katrina stated, “why reinvent the wheel when we can all learn from one another.”  Local health care professionals and community service providers may call 613-771-1910 x133 or email to connect with this new health team.

Until the Belleville site of the Queen’s Family Health Team gets its own website up and running, please visit the Queen’s Department of Family Medicine at or the SouthEasthealthline at for more information.

Wendy Anderson, Coordinator, Children and Youth Services Network

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