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TAY Report contains recommendations to improve access to care for youth aged 16 – 24

Implemented through Youth Habilitation Quinte, the Transitional Aged Youth (TAY) research report, prepared by Transition Facilitator Lily Lee, was released earlier this year.  Network members and community partners will recall a comprehensive presentation of the highlights at the February 2013 Network meeting. 

At least 15% of children and youth have a mental illness, and yet only 1 in 5 youth between 15 – 24 years within our region who are in need of mental health services actually receive care. 

Emergent themes identified in the report were: systemic barriers, access to care issues, communications, youth empowerment, prevention and developing an effective framework for transitioning youth.  Access to care is restricted by limited capacity, cultural differences, lack of specialized intensive services and the lack of appropriate TAY programming. The research study outlined requisites toward building a stronger infrastructure, and transition processes that are working well and less well.

To “facilitate the flow and access to care for TAY”, the report recommends:

  • •  building capacity;
  • •  improving communication;
  • •  engaging youth and frontline staff; and
  • •  developing an effective transition framework.

The report also recommends enhancing collaborative relationships across ministries and community services, “collective advocacy and commitment from appropriate levels of government”, and other ideas to address service gaps and systemic barriers; i.e., affordable housing and rural public transportation.

It is the hope of the Transition Facilitator that this report will “inform and contribute to the work of the Children and Youth Services Network”.

CLICK HERE to download a pdf version of the TAY Research Report.

CLICK HERE for a copy of the Executive Summary.

For more information, please contact Lily Lee at 613-969-0830 x256 or

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