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What Do “No Wrong Door” and “Warm Hand-Off” Really Mean?

The simplest explanation of a “No Wrong Door” approach to information and referral is this:

Staff of community organizations are able to connect individuals and/or families with the appropriate service(s) in a manner that is streamlined, effective and seamless from the individual’s and/or family’s perspective, even if that service(s) is not offered by their organization or within their sector.

A “Warm Hand-Off” approach to information and referral simply means “good customer service”; i.e., going that extra mile, when necessary, to ensure that clients get connected to a service provider who can provide what they want and need.

When we combine these two approaches, information and referral processes become consistently more family-focused, collaborative and successful.

Following a train-the-trainer model, the CYSN has been offering 2-hour training sessions to member organizations in order to promote the use of these two approaches across identified service functions which include: basic needs, education, employment, health, justice and legal, prenatal to 12 supports and resources, safety and protection, social and recreation, and transportation.

Instruction, group activities and resources are provided through this training to help intake, front-desk and front-line staff learn how to incorporate “No Wrong Door” and “Warm Hand-Off” approaches into their daily activities.

Implementation across our service system is being made possible as more and more directors and managers of CYSN member organizations endorse this approach by arranging for their staff to receive training.

The Service Pathway/Community Engagement Committee will be looking at developing other training options in 2013/2014; i.e., use of social media, power trainers, etc. to make it easier for member organizations to receive training.  Plans will also be made in future to offer training to community partners.

CONTACT US if you wish more information or to sign up for “No Wrong Door” and “Warm Hand-Off” training.

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