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Triple P Recognized to Reduce Social and Emotional Problems and Child Maltreatment

Triple P LogoJulie London, Triple P Coordinator, made a deputation to Belleville City Council on July 8th.  The purpose of her visit was to inform City Councillors about the Triple P Positive Parenting Program, why our residents need it and next steps.  Julie explained that Triple P offers multi levels of support and education, based on varying needs of parents, whether they have an infant who does not sleep or a teenager who is in trouble with the law.  It is free and evidence-based.

“Triple P is a large-scale, long-term solution that gets to the bottom of many social problems.” Julie stated that throughout the world, parenting education has been shown to:

◊  increase children’s self-esteem and confidence;

◊  create engaged, emotionally stable youth;

◊  decrease child apprehension;

◊  reduce bullying;

◊  decrease high school drop-out rates;

◊  decrease teen pregnancy;

◊  decrease crime rates, drug and alcohol use;

◊  create healthier, safer cities.

Triple P is funded by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services (68%), United Way of Quinte (22%), Quinte Children’s Foundation (9%) and the Rotary Club of Belleville (1%).  In addition to this, in-kind contributions with an annual value of $180,000 come from the 80 trained practitioners from 19 partner agencies representing various service sectors who actually deliver the training.  Since 2007, Triple P has helped over 3,000 parents across Hastings-Prince Edward.

Julie advised that this may be the last year to receive Child Welfare Transformation funding from the Province for Triple P.  Thankfully, the 44 member Hastings & Prince Edward Children and Youth Services Network, which oversees Triple P, will be looking at sustainability in the event of funding cuts.  However, Triple P needs government champions like City Councillors to help us move towards the Manitoba model which is 100% funded by the Province.  Julie also encouraged Councillors to visit the Community Service Expo at the Quinte Sports and Wellness Centre on November 7th to learn more about Triple P and other services available to children, youth and families living in Hastings-Prince Edward.

Contact:   Julie K. London, Coordinator
Phone 613-968-1144, Toll Free 1-877-968-1144


  1. Thank you, Julie, good work, you have brought Triple P into the public view, it is well recognized in our community, people are using the services and resources and are talking about the success they have had with their families after utilizing the services.

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