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Communication Team strives to “talk to everyone about everything we do”

In keeping with the CYSN action focus, during the month of June, Network teams and committees updated their 2013/14 work plans in preparation for September.  This was an excellent opportunity to reflect upon completed work and determine next steps.  Accomplishments to date demonstrate the hard work and dedication of our team and committee members, and are definitely worth sharing with all CYSN members and the community. 

The following is a summary of the work of the CYSN Communication Team, currently comprised of representatives from the Hastings and Prince Edward Learning Foundation, Highland Shores Children’s Aid, Family Space Quinte and Community Living Prince Edward.

Communication Team highlights are as follows:

√  reviewed and revised the CYSN vision and mandate for approval by the Network

√  created an information flow process diagram for sharing information within the Network and with the broader public

√  developed standards/templates/branding for the appearance of all CYSN materials

√  re-vamped and launched the CYSN website (which is receiving ~50 hits per week)

√  organized the May 23rd Network media event, held at the Bay of Quinte Golf and Country Club and attended by over 70 dignitaries, administrators, managers, service providers and service club members

√  oversaw the design of two banners – the CYSN and the member logo banner used to celebrate the signing of our membership agreement on May 23rd

√  worked with Loyalist College students in the development of an external communication plan.

 Next steps for September will include (but are not limited to):

◊  developing a social media strategy for the Network

◊  working together with the Service Pathway / Community Engagement Committee to incorporate social media into “No Wrong Door” training

◊  increasing community awareness about “everything we do”

◊  outreach to new members

◊  evaluation of communication strategies and processes.

CONTACT US if you wish to get involved with the Communication Team.  The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September 3rd, 1:30-3:30pm.

A future blog will look at the accomplishments and next steps of our three priority committees.

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