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Joint Food Security Working Group Established in HPE

April 25, 2013

Food Insecurity in HPE

A presentation to the CYSN by Cathy McCallum, Chair of the Food Security Network, Susan Kiley-Mullaly and Beverley Bell-Rowbotham defined food insecurity as “the inability to obtain sufficient, nutritious, personally acceptable food through normal food channels or the uncertainty that one will be able to do so”.  They also showed us that Hastings-Prince Edward has the 2nd highest rate of food insecurity in Ontario.  Various community responses to food insecurity were presented such as community gardens, soup kitchens, school lunch programs, food banks and good food boxes.  Taking a broader perspective, a poverty reduction strategy is needed since poverty is the root cause of food insecurity.  It was stressed that we all need to work towards everyone having access to safe, affordable and healthy food.  A joint Food Security Working Group has been established in partnership between the CYSN and the Food Security Network.  If you are interested in getting involved, please contact Wendy Anderson, Coordinator, 613-966-3100 x246 or

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